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Herbs and Herbal Medicine

Dr. Ha's Herbal Medicines are formulated with ingredients therapeutic and medicinal herbs only which described in the textbook

"Chinese Herbal Medicine"

- Materia Medica

- Traditional Herbal Formula

Based on our ancestor's wisdom, Dr. Ha developed many new herb formulas adopted current times new disorders and needs having name with western medical terminology.

Over 200 variety of herbal medicines made by Dr. Ha has been contributed to Dr. Ha's practice through the years with successful treatment results.



For an example, "New Flu" (capsule formula) is the most well-known and popular, consistently demanded herbal medicine since 2009 under super epidemic "Swine Flu" cause by the H1N1 Virus strain.


The Local TV Station KHON asked to interview Dr. Ha and aired her treatment with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicinal formulas on November 17, 2009 news.


Dr. Ha can create Medical Herbal Formulas for custom fit specially focused on each patients' complexes and specific treatment goal.

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